Featuring Bravo Starz in order of appearance: Sandra Joseph & Ron Bohmer - The Phantom & Christine, Libby Servais & Stephan Stubbins - Broadway In Love, Drew Seeley, Amy Paffrath, Cacophony Daniels & Sutton Lee Seymour - The QueenZ, Courter Simmons, Nicolas Dromard & Desiree Davar - Superheroes In Love!

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We Are Bravo Starz™

Internet + Entertainment = Business Reality And Virtual Options:

Providing world-class performers for your private VIRTUAL events...

We are Bravo Starz INTERtainment™ An idea born in the Coronaverse… 

BRAVO is an acronym for Business Reality And Virtual Options.

Bravo Starz provides LIVE world-class performers for corporate, non-profit, family and small business, political and personal VIRTUAL EVENTS: Meetings, Conferences, Product Launch, Customer Appreciation, Employee Recognition, Awards Ceremonies, Fundraisers, Family Retreats/Meetings, Personal Celebrations and more! From Broadway, Red Rocks, Hollywood & Las Vegas, our BRAVO STARZ shine for you! Straight from their living rooms to yours.

We are Bravo Starz, creating a world where virtual isn't a substitute, it's BETTER!

Don't Cancel! Go Virtual! No Social Distancing Needed!

Already know how?

It's Showtime! 

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“I can't believe we didn't think of this sooner. What an amazing opportunity to be face to face and interact with Broadway talent live on my screen. Our employees loved it!” 


Tom, Corporate Executive

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Already know how?

Bravo Starz™ provides LIVE INTERtainment for private VIRTUAL Events. Follow us on Social Media @BravoStarz

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