Bravo Star [brah-vo stahr], noun

A world-class performer who brings excitement, energy & fun to your virtual events!

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“Working with Cacophony Daniels was a dream. She was immediately responsive to all of my special requests. She was so entertaining and engaging and the Q and A was fascinating. Everyone in attendance loved it and said it was the best virtual event they’ve been to this year! There was singing, joking, and music bingo. So much fun!” 


Blended Families


"What a great show these two [Superheroes In Love] put on! It was at their home [and] they had fantastic sound, lighting, and green screens with fun backgrounds. They are so talented and fun, and we were entertained the entire time! They sang, danced, bantered, and put on fun skits... Highly Recommend!

Shawna Suckow,

SPIN Founder & Keynote Speaker

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