Why Bravo Starz?

Making virtual better &

supporting the arts...

About Our Cast

World-class performers from your favorite genres...

Our Story

An idea born in the Coronaverse...

How it Works

SIMPLE: Call or email us & we'll hook you up with awesomeness...

We Are Bravo Starz INTERtainment™

An idea born in the Coronaverse to get talented live-performing artists back to work!

World-class live entertainment at your Virtual & Hybrid events

Making the virtual experience more engaging, while supporting the Arts!



Why Bravo Starz?
  • It supports the arts and events economies that were decimated by Covid

  • It is a WIN-WIN for all:

    • Win for participants/audience = Higher engagement!

    • Win for performers = Your booking supports the arts! 

    • Win for event planners = More to offer clients who are "bored" with virtual!


    • Booking a Bravo Star for a virtual event is a fraction of the cost of having one of these famous performers show up in person, and right now, every dollar counts! 

The  Elevator Speech

Virtual is here to stay, and Bravo Starz is making it better and more engaging, by providing live world-class performers for Virtual & Hybrid Events.  We have something for every audience: Corporate, non-profit, family business, small business, political and personal events. From Broadway, Red Rocks, Hollywood & Las Vegas, our Bravo Starz shine for you!

Meetings, Conferences, Corporate Entertainment, Product Launch, Customer Appreciation, Employee Recognition, Awards Ceremonies, Fundraisers, Galas, Family Retreats/Meetings; Personal celebrations such as Weddings, Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Celebration of Life and more!  Plus, a collaborative, customized experience designed with your performer!

About Our Cast
  • We chose the best of the best, and each cast member had to audition as well as be vetted in their virtual performance skills! 

  • We have BIG name headliner performers from some of your favorite shows on Broadway! Think: Wicked, Jersey Boys, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, West Side Story and so many more! 

  • We have TV & Movie personalities! 

  • We have custom songwriters and emcees!

  • Let's not forget our fabulous LIVE SINGING drag queenZ, comedians and a magician-mentalist that fooled Penn and Teller, world-class musicians, and mind/body/spirit professionals.

  • We don’t do reviews but we will take your glowing testimonial

    • Our cast has been competing for roles their entire lives--Competition is not the environment we wanted to foster at Bravo Starz--They are ALL STARZ!

How it Works
  • The variety of shows and requests are endless! Pricing varies by cast member(s), audience (type/size), occasion and type of performance requested. Cast members set their own pricing. If you have a budget to stick to, please let us know upfront. 

  • Call us or fill out the contact form with your details, and we'll help you find the performer(s) that best meet your needs. Have a performer in mind,? Bravo! Just let us know who it is. 

  • Once the upfront details are out of the way and we confirm cast availability, we will put you directly in touch, so you can work together with your performer(s) to customize your show! Performers are willing to spend a reasonable amount of time planning with you as well as be available for a tech check and/or a dress rehearsal. Please do not take advantage of their kindness.

  • You will be asked to sign a simple engagement agreement, and you will be invoiced in advance of your show.  We use Melio (U.S. only. If you are an international client, please let us know in our initial conversation so we can make other payment arrangements. )

  • Other questions? Just ask!


Our Start-Up Story
  • Bravo Starz was a labor of love! We saw the financial devastation in the arts and events industries due to Covid, and wanted to help! By serendipity, we happened to be connected with some amazing performers, and we experienced an amazing conference early in the Pandemic that included intertainment (internet entertainment). It inspired us!

  • Our Coronaverse Motto - "Isolate and Innovate!" We have both been part of the virtual world of delivery through coaching, training and presenting for over 20 years--we are literally pioneers in the space--which really just means we are OLD! At the beginning of the Covid quarantine, we went into isolation and when this idea sparked, we built it - in 111 days! 

  • Our goal was to give artists and performers a way to make some income now and after Covid; because there is no question, Virtual is here to stay! 

  • Our passion for virtual delivery coupled with our love of the performing arts makes Bravo Starz a merger of innovation and possibility!

  • We are all pivoting together! We spend a LOT of time on Zoom meetings and we wanted to find a way to make virtual better. Zoom fatigue is real, so we wanted to give companies, non-profits, event planners and others a means to make the virtual space more engaging for their clients, customers, donors and employees! 

  • Bravo Starz is family-friendly, too! Our CEO duo also works with family-owned businesses and we’ve seen many family meetings go virtual this year--intertainment has made all the difference!

Help Us Spread the Word! 

We are not in this for the money: We created Bravo Starz from our own pocketbook and are not taking salaries. We take a commission from each performance in order to re-invest in the business. Our main goal is to help talented performers do what they love and get paid for it❣️

Find us @BravoStarz on social media.

Internet + Entertainment (intertainment) = Business Reality And Virtual Options