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You may recognize the name Kostya Kimlat from our CUSTOM ELITE SHOWS lineup of Starz! Kostya is our ONE AND ONLY Magician at Bravo Starz, but he works with, mentors, trains many others!


Kostya's Custom Show on Bravo Starz is a worthwhile spend, but we know not everyone can afford the magician who fooled Penn and Teller!  


Kostya's virtual offerings have soared since the pandemic! He is a rare bird in that he has made the shift from in-person magic to virtual, well, magical!

He and his bevy of magicians are busier than ever before! 

So rather than try to compete with the master mentalist, we've partnered with him so that you can book a magician for any event in a variety of price ranges... 


If you want to Book a Bravo Starz Custom Elite Show with Kostya Kimlat, CONTACT US!

If you want to book an equally fabulous entertainment experience with another of Kostya's talented magicians, CLICK HERE! 




Event Planning Experts for Large Conferences and Expos for Associations

Showcare provides event planning, technical support, project management, event management, registration, housing and data tracking for large Expos and Conferences as well as association events! Their offerings include in-person, ALL VIRTUAL as well as hybrid (virtual + in-person events) event support. 

Showcare's cutting edge platform and expertise in the industry shines through with their attention to detail and full-service approach to events, including providing guidance on sponsorships and other event-enhancing options like using Bravo Starz performers for INTERtainment! 😉

Our partnership with Showcare is a "gentlewomen's agreement" whereby we simply send those in need of their expertise directly to their capable hands! 


Partner Wanted!

Full-Service Event Planning Company for Small to Medium Corporate and Personal Events!

We love our partner next door, Showcare! AND, they have an amazing niche! Their specialty is covered, now we need yours!

We are looking for a full-service event-planning and event tech support partner who can do the following...

  • Specialize in Virtual and Hybrid (Virtual + In-Person events)

  • Be willing to refer to Bravo Starz for these virtual INTERtainment  opportunities...

  • Be willing to operate as a reciprocal referral partner. We refer to you. You refer to us. We put your logo and your description here. Simple! 

  • Work with small, medium and sometimes larger businesses (as well as family businesses) to put on virtual events, retreats meetings and possibly a large personal event from time to time.

  • Work with Non-Profits (sometimes on a sliding scale) to put on virtual fundraisers or galas.

If you are interested in this opportunity, have your people call our people. Just kidding - we don't have "people". Please send us a note through our 


Remember to tell them BRAVO STARZ sent you!
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