Our Bravotude™

Our Bravotude reflects our attitude!

We are Bravo Starz, with a Z!

Our Platform​

We provide world-class performers for  private VIRTUAL events and hybrid events (virtual + in-person). Please note, our performers appear live, VIRTUALLY (never in-person). 

Our model is simple. BOOK, PAY, MEET, ENJOY! It's different, too.


Never before has anyone focused on these performers in this way. Never before has it been this easy to book a world-class performer for your VIRTUAL EVENT. Never before have you had this kind of up-close and personal access to this level of talent!

We recommend all NEW clients read our FREE EBOOK CLIENT GUIDE "Best Virtual Event Ever!" ​​before booking for the first time.  

We use a website front-end attached to an easy self-service booking system. Think of us like AirBnB for world-class talent! You book the talent you want, for the event your hosting, when you need it!


The process is simple. CLICK HERE to see a quick overview of HOW TO BOOK!

Feeling a little apprehensive about booking before you know more? No problem! You can also book a paid, 30-minute session with your performer before booking your show! We call this "Getting Started without a Big Commitment." Look for in Services when booking.

Ready to book? Click the ticket below!

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Our Philosophy

Just think about the future of events. Even post-Covid-19, VIRTUAL doesn't have to be a substitute! Bravo Starz helps you create the BEST VIRTUAL EVENT EVER and SUPPORT THE ARTS at the same time! BRAVO!


Consider a conference or fundraising gala where your attendance could be vastly increased by offering a partial or 100% virtual option. Or a wedding where half the guests can't attend, but you want them to witness your special day. THIS IS BRAVO STARZ! We provide world-class INTERtainment for Virtual events, with performers that most people either wouldn't know how to book, couldn't afford to book before, or just didn't know they could book! 

Our goal at Bravo Starz is to put talented performers and artists to work! Therefore, we have chosen NOT to allow reviews, in order to reduce competition for our performers. They have been competing for gigs their entire careers! We have fixed pricing for the same reason. 

We aim to please, so each show is customized to the client's needs, audience and preferences whenever possible! 


At Bravo Starz we operate much like a live show event on Broadway or in Las Vegas:

  • Book in advance

  • Pay in advance

  • No refunds*

The only exception to our fixed rate service book/pay in advance is our BRAVO STARZ CUSTOM ELITE SHOWS. These are longer, fully customized shows performed by some of the biggest names on Broadway and Vegas! Contact us directly for booking of Custom elite shows! 

Testimonials are always welcome! If on the rare occasion you have a complaint, you may take it up with our Bravo Starz CEO Duo HERE. Complaints against artists may be handled by mediation.

Our Hope & A Promise

We want you to experience the power of the virtual experience! We want you to be awed and INTERtained! We want you to have the experience of a lifetime in your own living room or home office. We want to WOW you into telling your colleagues, family and friends about your awesome experience with Bravo Starz!

OUR PROMISE to you is total transparency! Our pricing is designed for a variety of audiences to be able to afford our shows. Performers make 80% of your booking fee. Bravo Starz takes a 20% commission to put back into the business, technology, marketing and promotion and re-investment in Bravo Starz. The CEO duo are currently not taking salaries in order to make the most in the platform for our performers and YOU!


 We do our best and so do our performers, always putting our best foot forward. 

That said, we are a start-up. We are staring small, and we want to do well by both our performers and our clients! We will have glitches and we will fix them to the best of our ability. 

We ask for your indulgence, loyalty and support as we build this platform of world-class performers! If you know GREAT world-class talent, send them our way! Bravo Starz is a fantastic way to SUPPORT THE ARTS!

Speaking of loyalty, once acquainted with Bravo Starz, we hope you will continue to book your talent here every time! By using our site(s) you agree NOT to book Bravo Starz talent outside of Bravo Starz. Bravo Starz talent makes the same agreement. Please do not put them in an awkward position. Thank you!

You can view our full TERMS AND CONDITIONS in the link in the footer. 

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Bravo Starz™ provides LIVE INTERtainment for private VIRTUAL & HYBRID  Events.

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