Why Bravo Starz™?

Our Value Proposition

During the pandemic of 2020, Broadway goes dark along with live performance venues and halting of personal events. The world moves online, utilizing virtual means for everything from meetings to conferences and even virtual weddings!

PRIOR TO THE PANDEMIC OF 2020...  The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that Arts & Culture accounted for $877,809,406,086 and 4.5% of the U.S. economy, contributing 5,107,889 jobs. (Source: bea.gov & beanartshero.com)



We created Bravo Starz as a means to provide supplemental income to talented performing artists in a Covid-19 and post-pandemic world. Virtual is not going away and even when things get back to a new normal, we believe hybrid events will be in great demand! Don't Cancel - Go Virtual!


Having worked in and with corporations for many years, and being virtual gurus (of sorts) in that space, we decided we had the right connections to facilitate a marriage of the arts and virtual live performances. Combining our talents with those of the many performers who were put out of work as a result of the pandemic, became both a passion and a mission. Bravo Starz is the result. We now offer a wide-range of affordable, LIVE, 100% virtual INTERtainment options based on the audience type and service selected for your virtual private events: Corporate, Non-Profit, Small Biz, Family Biz, Personal or Political! 

Our model is simple: Book, Pay, Meet, Enjoy - For the masses, we offer an easy online self-service booking system with affordable flat rate pricing. We're like AirBnB for virtual performers; and while booking entertainment online is not a foreign concept in the marketplace, we have narrowed the focus and streamlined the process! You can book and work directly with most of our performers! 

Beyond self-booking, we also offer highly specialized shows with elite talent for those with larger budgets. These are Custom Elite Shows and Curated Custom Elite Shows!

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Bravo Starz™ provides LIVE INTERtainment for private VIRTUAL & HYBRID  Events.

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